Diabetes in the United States

The rate at which people are affected with diabetes in the USA is increasing at a large scale. More than one-third of Americans are prone to have diabetes, and they don’t even know that. Studies have shown that there are about 25 million in the United States who are affected by Type 2 diabetes and more than 80 million people are in the prediabetes stage. In the United States of America, diabetes is one of the main reasons for Kidney failure, blindness and amputations of feet and legs. Diabetes also has life-threatening complications such as nerve damages, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s etc. The rise in the number of people being affected by diabetes is due to the poor lifestyle of people.

Diabetes in the United States

The following are some of the main factors that lead to diabetes:

Lack of exercise:

People who are overweight tend to develop diabetes more than people who are fit. But at the same time, it does not mean that all obese people will be affected by diabetes. But studies and statistical reports have shown that people who are diagnosed with diabetes tend to be overweight. Sometimes, obesity cannot be avoided as it might be a genetic factor but we can certainly change our food habits and have a healthy exercise plan to lead a healthy life. Exercising can help you maintain your weight.


We mostly associate smoking with lung cancer. But it is alarming to know that you have a higher chance of having diabetes when you are a smoker. Studies have shown that the people who smoked had diabetes when compared with people who did not smoke. The food and drug administration in the United States are trying their best to bring about awareness about the dangers that are caused by smoking.


Our lifestyles can greatly affect our health conditions, but genetics also play a major role. If your parents have diabetes, then there are chances for you to have diabetes in the future. You are genetically at a higher risk when compared to others. However, genes alone are not enough to trigger the disease; there are other factors such as obesity, poor food habits, smoking etc. which triggers those genes in the body.

Our health is in our hands, even if we have a higher risk of being diabetic there are many ways in which we can prevent the disease from attacking our body. The factors mentioned above are controllable, and we can monitor them. Thus we can dramatically reduce our chances of getting diabetes. When you start to focus on good things and have a balanced diet, you will be taking a big step to avoid unwanted health conditions. Many people of America who are in the prediabetes stage are not even aware of it. Only when they come to know that they are at high risk, they will take measures to control their habits and lead a healthy life.

Post Author: Ranee D. Kingston