Best universities in the United States

America provides the best education in the entire world and many students from all across the globe fly to America to get a proper education. The following are some of the top Universities in the United States of America:

Best universities in the United States


California Institute of Technology:

California Institute of Technology is popularly known as CalTech. The campus has very little student population, but it is known for producing some of the most successful graduates in the world. It is one of the best institutes to peruse a PhD degree. CalTech has produced 32 Nobel laureates, 13 National Medal of Technology winners and 57 National Medal of Science recipients. The average SAT score of the student of CalTech is 2310.

Princeton University:

Princeton University offers more than 34 majors degree and 30 interdepartmental programs. Getting into Princeton University might be very hard. In the year 2014-2015, the university selected only 7.4% of the total applicants. The University encourages its students to do various research projects. All the students are expected to do independent research, and they have to do that as a part of their degree.

Stanford University:

Being located in the Silicon Valley, Stanford University plays a prominent role in encouraging its students to contribute or develop useful technology which can be used for various purposes.  The University has produced any graduates who have founded companies and start-ups. The campus of the University is very beautiful, and there are many art museums and sculpture gardens on the campus.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known for building a strong entrepreneurial culture in its students, and it sure has produced many graduates who have founded notable companies. The Institute admits only 8% of its applicants for their undergraduate program, and among that, engineering and computer science degrees are quite popular.

Harvard University:

Harvard University is quite popular all over the world, and it is one of the best universities to study. It was founded in the year 1636 which makes it the oldest University. Many international students study at Harvard University, and it has produced 8 US presidents, 13 Turing award winners, 150 Nobel Laureates and 62 billionaires.

Yale University:

Yale University aims to provide liberal arts education to young graduates. The University offers its students a wide study area. Yale University is ranked the third in undergraduate programs. The average SAT scores of the students are 2255.

University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania is said to provide some of the best undergraduates and postgraduate programs in the country. Its Undergraduate Business programs are ranked number one in the United States. Penn also offers dual degree programs, and this is a great advantage for students. If you are looking for a degree in finance, management or real estate Penn is the best place for you to apply.


Post Author: Ranee D. Kingston