“Sign Of House” Tells Your Mental State

Many psychologists in the world believe that, the environment around us speaks a lot about our personality. This includes our home and office too. There are many who love cleaning, but many people don’t like it at all. But do you know that these habits can say very much about your mental level. Let’s know what the habit tells you about.

Entire luggage in the cupboard – Many of you will be like those who do not clean their wardrobe for months. The house does not look bad from outside because such people put everything in the closet and close it and when they need something, then these people get stuck in trouble. The house of such people looks very clean and systematic at first sight but as soon as you see their kitchens, rooms or bathroom almirah and boxes, you will see everything is so messy. Such people are of dramatic personality. They show themselves very different from outside but their truth is different from inside.

Old house – Many people are living the same way/condition in their home, that were years ago. Such people like painting or other creative hobby/profession. When they do their work in house it makes their house look messy. They put their work stuff anywhere or everywhere in the house. They don’t look after the house much. They do it once in a while as changing the things won’t work at some times. Their house is not dirty but due to the creative thinking and work they just concentrate on their work more than the cleanliness of the house. Such people believe in the future, they dream that what is today will change suddenly and that is why they do not correct the situation today. These people do not have any solid plans for their life.

Work place – In-house workplace is considered to be the best place to work. It should be in a quiet place and a clean place, but sometimes the household things are scattered on some people’s desks. There is nothing which is arranged. Such people are extremely creative and inventor. If you have a habit of working with some writing, doing painting or doing some other work, and because of this, many things are scattered on your desk, it may not be liked by other people, but it shows a great quality of your personality. Such people are rich in art. They have new ideas.

Messy bathroom – When you see someone’s bathroom is so messy, then there must be a laundry bag full of dirty clothes and the sink is also full of water. Such people put all the dirty clothes in the laundry bag and put it in a corner. They think that they are making the bathroom clean but it’s the opposite. They have a lot of trouble cleaning them. Such people are the ones who are defiant. This shows laziness in life, they know what they are doing but still wants to ride on the same path. They always have some excuse for everything, which they are not doing due to their laziness.

An empty house – Many times when we visit someone’s house, we feel that nobody is living in the house. As there are not enough things in the house which makes four walls a house. There is neither much furniture nor kitchen accessories in the house. There are many people whose home looks like they just come here to relax and want to forget the world around them. It shows the state of the brain in which the person is immature. The mature person always believes in making the house the first place to visit to live a life. As the person grows up they want to have all the comfort at one place, and that is the place they want to visit most.

Post Author: Ranee D. Kingston