The Renewable Energy Increases to 18% of the United States Power Mix

Renewable energy increased, this is amazing to hear that 18% of the total electricity produced in The United States was by renewable sources like Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric Dams. The stats were of the year 2017. That is quite high then the stats of 2016 which shows that the electricity production from renewable sources was just 15%. Moreover, this happened only because of the inspirational changes in new renewable sources of energy, and a drop in the share of natural gas and its productions. There is some part of the downfall of green gas excretion from power generation and consumer spending.

The share of renewable energy consumption has increased so much since 2008 it is double now since 2008. The percentage of coal has been fallen down from 48% to 30% in the same year. Moreover, when Trump administration had given some hints to reduce the funds for the renewable energy and its efficiency programs, then the trend determined to continue thanks to the market forces.

The share of power construction in the year 2017 of solar and wind projects made up to 62% and the most surprising thing was their costs which were falling down and down. The stats are amazing which shows that new projects of renewable energy worth of 2.9 GigaWatts have started in the recently passed year. Whereas, some coal plants were all set to wind up which value of 12.5 GigaWatts in the same year 2018. Now, it has become part of the accelerating trend. The thing makes the solar and wind industry more remarkable is that they are creating a considerable number of job opportunities. They are making the job opportunities much faster than other parts of the economy.

The findings are a permanent feature of The United States in the year 2018, which is prepared by the Business Council for Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Sustainable Energy.

Efficiency was another but significant elimination from the report. United States economy was working well and expanding itself in a healthy way ahead.  The total energy consumption of the United States was reduced by 0.2% in the year 2017 which is slightly better in itself. Well, doing more and better with low power consumptions shows that the economy is getting stronger day by day.

Post Author: Ranee D. Kingston