America’s Iconic Food Items:

America is famous for many things, and it also has something delicious for everyone. American cuisine is famous all over the world, and the following are some of the iconic food items of America:

America’s Iconic Food Items

Apple Pie:

Apple pie is served with whipped cream and cheddar cheese on the side. The pastry is usually double crusted and depending on the baker, the bottom of the crust can be baked first so that it does not become all soggy. The pie can also be cooked as a whole; it all depends if you want the pie to have a crispy base.


Every single American would have had a hamburger in their lives. They would also know where to get the best Hamburgers. The birthplace of this popular food item is New Haven, Connecticut. During the 1900s an establishment named Louis lunch had started to make burgers, and it is now a famous food item all over the world.

Clam Chowder:

Clam Chowder is sold almost in every restaurant in America and it kind of looks hideous, but if you take a small sip, you will fall in love with it and want more of it. The soup is made up of quahog shellfish, potatoes, pork (Salted), herbs and heavy cream.

Bagel and Lox:

Bagel and Lox is a Jewish dish but it quite popular in America and particularly in New York. Bagel and Lox are served with whipped cream, and it is garnished with red onion, tomatoes and capers.


Twinkies are these popular cake snacks, and it is known for having a very long shelf life. It was invented by Jimmy Dewer in the year 1930. Jimmy was a bakery owner, and he named the cake Twinkie when he saw a billboard for Twinkie Toe Shoes.


Whatever food has the name cheese and burger in it; it must definitely be from America. As hamburgers became famous during the 1900s adding cheese to it was automatically the next step. It is said that Americans eat about 50 billion cheeseburgers each year which is about three cheeseburgers a week for each person.

Fried Chicken:

Many may say that fried chicken might not be an American dish, but the Americans seem to have adopted fried chicken as their own. It is more popular in the Southern part of the United States of America. Waffles are served along with fried chicken.

Buffalo wings:

Buffalo wings are yet another favourite food item in the USA. These delicious crispy wings gained popularity during the 1970s. There is not a single fare or pub in America that does not serve you with Buffalo wings. It is known that about 13.5 billion chicken wings are sold in a year.

Corn dogs:

Corn dogs are the staple food of Central America, and it is known that the people of America consume about 20 billion hot dogs in a year.


Post Author: Ranee D. Kingston