Capital Commentary is a weekly current-affairs publication of the Center for Public Justice. Published since 1996, it is written to encourage the pursuit of justice. Commentaries do not necessarily represent an official position of the Center for Public Justice but are intended to help advance discussion.
Freedom as Authority
by David Koyzis

Does personal freedom necessarily stand in opposition to authority?

The Church’s Role in Education
by Mackenzie Harmon

Churches should consider some basic guidelines to help direct their just engagement with government-run schools.

The European Union at a Crossroads?
by Alice-Catherine Carls

As Europe has repeatedly renegotiated its geographic, economic, cultural, and religious boundaries over the past one hundred years, the European Union appears to be at a crossroads today.

Study Abroad and Health Professions Education
by Jessica Ventura

After creating an international seminar in Honduras, Jessica Ventura discusses the benefits of study abroad opportunities for students pursuing health professions.