Capital Commentary is a weekly current-affairs publication of the Center for Public Justice. Published since 1996, it is written to encourage the pursuit of justice. Commentaries do not necessarily represent an official position of the Center for Public Justice but are intended to help advance discussion.
One Hundred Years Later: The Psalms and the First World War
by David Koyzis

David Koyzis reflects on the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of World War I.

The Diplomacy of Wisdom: Agency of Peaceful Change
by Charles Strohmer

The second installment in the series considers three norms of wisdom that are instructive to our foreign policy formation.

The Public Good of Public Health
by Jess Hale

Public health initiatives are vastly unappreciated despite their critical contributions to the common good.

Gentrification and Urban Transformation: A Local Developer’s Perspective
by Mikael Pelz

The final installment in the series looks at urban revitalization from the perspective of a local developer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.