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Millennials Care About Political Community (and Just Tweeted About It)
by Katie Thompson

Article Summary:

In her response to remarks given by David Kim at the Center for Public Justice‚Äôs 20th Annual Kuyper Lecture, Katie Thompson addresses some common stereotypes about the millennial generation. She highlights important initiatives started by Christian millennials that demonstrate their deep desire for authentic community and their passion for justice issues.

But because millennials can lack a framework for thinking through and acting on their aspirations, Thompson challenges the church and Christian colleges and universities to do a better job of equipping young adults to think about what it means to be a citizen in a political community. She stresses the importance of knowing how to analyze issues of public justice through a lens that affirms the unique roles and responsibilities that various institutions have.  

With this perspective, milliennials can rediscover a public justice framework that affirms government as part of the solution, as well as their responsibilities of citizenship within that.